Get Clear On
Your Marketing Strategy.


Why Marketing?


No one can find you if they don't know who you are. If you're looking to increase conversions, brand awareness is your answer. A strong digital presence accompanied by a clear mission, vision, and target market will place your brand at the top of consumers' minds.

What I do

Marketing Strategy

Devise a plan in establishing marketing goals and identifying digital marketing tactics that align with your business objectives and target audience. 


Brand Strategy

Establish clear and concise brand messaging that articulate the foundational elements of your brand.

Event Production

Plan and execute small and/or large-scale personal, creative or corporate events.

Artist Bio

Write a professionally written bio that can be used for press, streaming platforms, or your website.

Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

Create a pre-packaged set of promotional materials for musicians, artists, bands, and DJs to solicit new press opportunities and brand partnerships. Artist Bio included.

One Sheet

Create a concise document providing an overview of your story, music, and career to be used for publicity and sales.

Hi, I’m Madam St. Clair!

Here to take your Marketing Strategy to another level

I'm a Creative Strategist specializing

in Music Marketing. By day I am a

Marketing Manager at Def Jam Recordings

and by night I am a multi-hyphenate creative sharing her journey to success with the world while helping creatives generate awareness of their businesses, art, services, and talents through marketing.